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One of France’s most important wine producing areas. We visit some of the family owned vineyards and the tidy villages surrounding them. Sites include Beaujolais Crus, the Duboef Winery, Chateau de Corcelles and the region’s largest, Brolully, 3000 acres of vines at the foot of Mount Bruilly. Recipes include: Frog Legs in Butter, Cervelas Pistachi en Ravigotti de Lentille and Marquise au Chocolat Noir, Sauce Anglais.

(from Flavours of France (UK):

It was the Romans who planted the first vines in the district known today as Beaujolais. Today situated on the right bank of the River Sona, between the vineyards of Burgundy and Cote du Thone the Beaujolais vineyards produce 13 wines of remarkable quality, all from the delicious Gamay grape. In today’s show we look at this delicious wine.

Beaujolais countryside is dotted everywhere with chateaux, churches and chapels. We also look at Beaujolais’ historical past. Also, from a gastronomic point of view, Beaujolais has a lot to offer; in particular a local sausage called Cervelas, prepared with Pistachio. There is some folk singing and traditional costume in this show.

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